Today I’m writing over at The Back Row, a great site for humor and healing. You can also follow them on Twitter for some fun lists and biblical advice. This article, in particular, is some of the best writing I’ve seen on the questions of suffering and God’s sovereignty. Check them out! 

I did everything right. I know I did…

  • I prayed
  • I read Scripture
  • I prayed boldly and consistently
  • I sought wise counsel
  • I prayed God’s words back to Him
  • I obeyed everything I thought God was asking me to do (even the weird stuff)
  • I prayed contemplatively
  • I trusted
  • I prayed with gratitude (for everything I could think of)
  • I checked my motives
  • I asked others to pray with me
  • I worshipped with all my heart, soul, and strength
  • I prayed humbly

I did everything I knew to do, and then asked if there was anything else. And as I did these things, I saw God act. I saw signs that I was headed in the right direction. I saw confirmation of what He was asking me to do, and I said, “yes, Lord, whatever You want”, and I meant it.

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