A few days after I wrote my last post, I had a meeting that set the course of my life for the foreseeable future.  You see, a couple of years ago, I learned that there are approximately 27 million slaves in the world right now (and that number was actually upgraded this week).  That’s 27 million people who get up and go to work every day (and by every day, I mean every day!), but don’t get paid for the work they do.  That’s 27 million people working in brick factories, sweat shops, and brothels.  Those are men with wives and children, women sold by their families to try to pay off debts and children either born into that life, or kidnapped and forced into it.

Two years ago, this knowledge broke my heart and I asked God to allow me to help Him set them free.  Eight months ago, I took the first step toward that end and went to the Justice Conference.  There I learned practical ways I can fight against slavery, exploitation and human trafficking.  Ways like taking the time to research the products I buy most often.  Are they made with slave labor?  Do they support fair trade?  Does this hotel have a policy protecting its clients from trafficking?

But I wanted to do more.

I heard about an organization in my own county that is working to end sex trafficking of children right here in my own backyard (yes, here in the US!).  Their mission is to end sex trafficking through parallel efforts in prevention and restoration.  Their goal is to open a restoration home for rescued girls ages 10-18, and to help them get back what Satan has stolen from them.

I met up with them briefly at the Justice Conference and promised to keep in touch.  I did, and a little over a week ago, I agreed to join them in their fight and join their staff.

Going forward, I’ll be working to educate teachers, parents, policy makers, law enforcement officials, children and teenagers in my area about the methods, signs and dangers of sex trafficking.  I’ll be teaching them how to protect themselves, their families and others from this evil.  I’ll be telling them how to stay safe on social media, how pornography feeds into sex trafficking, and that there is hope for survivors.

I’m so excited about where God has placed me for this season, and I can’t wait to see what He does in this area through me and through my new friends.  I can’t wait to hear about lives saved, about new people joining the fight and about more protection for survivors.  I can’t wait to see lives redeemed through the love of Christ.

But as I start on this new journey, I know that I can’t do this on my own.

I need to lean on God’s strength because this fight is so much bigger than me.

I need God’s words to speak into the lives of decision makers, survivors, and fellow fighters.

I need God’s grace and forgiveness for the perpetrators.

I need God’s provision for my material needs because right now, this position I have taken is not a paid position (see Bullet #2 below).

I need others to join with me in prayer for our staff, for our volunteers, and for the survivors God will bring to our door.

Will you join me?  If you’re willing, would you please pray for the following?

  • Pray for me as I prepare to speak at our Summit next week.  Pray that God will give me and the other speakers His words for His people.
  • Pray that the IRS will approve our 501(c)3 application quickly so that we can start taking donations toward the home, our programs and to support our staff. (We’ve been waiting since December, 2012!!)
  • Pray for opportunities to educate others about sex trafficking so that we can protect potential victims, prevent potential perpetrators and provide more workers in the field.

Thank you for the work you’re already doing for the Kingdom, and thank you for praying for me in my new assignment!