Well, it’s official: I’m no longer a student.  After two and a half years of reading, writing and a bit of arithmetic, I have turned in my last paper, and both literally and figuratively closed the book on another chapter of my life.

I mentioned the other day on Twitter that I am now, not only no longer a student, but also unemployed for the second time in my adult life.  My Twitter friend Patty wrote back and asked “Where are you going? What will you do?” to which I responded that those were two pretty relevant questions for which I had no answers.  (She then proceeded to write a pretty awesome post about her own experience with the same two questions recently. Check it out!)

I’m not the first person to sit answerless before those two questions, and I certainly won’t be the last.  And I’m pretty confident in saying that at some point in your life, you too have sat at the feet of these questions, waiting for their answers to be revealed to you.

Abraham found himself in a similar position rather late in life when God suddenly told him to leave his home country and set out toward The Land To Be Determined Later:

The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.” ~ Genesis 12:1

If I were Abraham, I think I’d have a few questions.  Questions like:

  • Where am I going?
  • What will I do?
  • How many pairs of shoes should I pack?
  • Do I need a bathing suit?
  • Should I take a flashlight?
  • Can I bring a friend?

Do you know how many of those questions Abraham asked? None of them. Zero. Not a single question.  Maybe it’s a guy thing?  Or maybe Abraham, in his two-minute long relationship with the God Who Provides, decided to simply trust and obey. (And now you’ll have that song stuck in your head. You’re welcome.)  This is Abraham’s incredible response:

So Abram went, as the Lord had told him. ~ Genesis 12:4a

I’ve been reading a fantastic book on the life of Abraham, and I think I re-read this particular section about 27 times.  Abraham’s willingness to get up and go when God gave the order floors me, convicts me and humbles me.  I have never once just done what I knew God was telling me to do.  I prayed about it.  I talked to other people about it.  I made pros and cons lists about it.

But I don’t want to do that anymore.  I want to know with absolute certainty that when I experience peace that passes my own flawed understanding, it is the voice of my God telling me to go.

I’m not there yet, but I’m getting closer every day.  Every day I choose to sit and talk to my Father and read His Word with more intention and curiosity, I get closer to knowing His heart and His will.

So I choose to pray.  I choose to read.  I choose to worship.  And someday soon, I hope, when God says “go”, I will choose trust, I will choose confidence and I will choose obedience.

What do you do when you suspect God is telling you to do something?  Does your approach need to change?  Tell us about it.