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I am at a crossroads today, and I feel like no matter which road I look toward, I see this:

I thought details were falling into place, but I was wrong.  Instead of solidifying my choice and the related details, I’m starting over with a completely blank piece of paper and absolutely no idea what is going to end up on it.  It’s frustrating.  It’s discouraging.  It’s maddening.

But it’s also an opportunity to let God take over.  I can fight this, or I can trust.  I can worry, or I can accept God’s plans as my own.  I can get frustrated, or I can rest in the fact that God knows what tomorrow holds.  I can choose to believe that whatever God is doing is going to be amazing and that He’ll let me know what my next step is when it’s time to take it.

In these moments, the best thing I can do is review His past acts of faithfulness.  They serve as signposts and monuments of my journey through life.  They are the reminder that I am not traveling alone, and I am not lost.  I am on a road my Father chose for me before I was even born.  It’s not a nice straight road through the open country, though.  It’s a twisting, winding, unpaved road around mountains, over raging rivers, through dark valleys.  But it’s interesting, and exciting, and if I let it be, even a bit fun.

How do you cope with apparent dead ends on your journey through life?