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It’s that time again… Time to take stock.  Reflect.  Evaluate.  How did this past year go for us?  Did we keep our New Year’s resolutions?  Do we even remember what they were?  Where did we succeed this year?  Where did we fail?  And it’s time to plan.  Resolve.  Hope.

Whether we want to or not, New Year’s always forces us to look back and always forces us to look forward.  You may try (like I do) to convince yourself that January 1st is just another day.  It’s a Saturday, just like the previous 51 Saturdays.  Right? 

Not so much, no.  This Saturday, we start over.  The slate is clean, the past is behind us.  The future is full of endless possibilities, hopes, prayers and wishes. 

For some, this past year was full of pain, fear or anger.  For some, this year marked a turning point and a glimpse that life can be good.  For others, this was the best year ever. 

But regardless of what kind of year it was, it’s over.  It’s gone.  It’s time to move on to the next one.  And it’s time to remember.

  • Remember the ways we grew and changed
  • Remember how God showed His love.
  • Remember His faithfulness.
  • Remember His leading when we were lost and exhausted.
  • Remember the joy of answered prayer and the thrill of worship.

Our Father has walked every moment of every day with us this year.  And He will walk every moment of every day for the rest of our days.  So if this year brings triumph and celebration or if this year brings defeat and sorrow, we have nothing to fear.  We can relax and trust and hope and expect.  God already knows what this year will bring. 

And God has given us the ultimate promise:  Emmanuel – God with us.  He always was.  He always is.  He always will be. 

So today we remember and tomorrow we look forward to God revealing to us His love, His faithfulness, His greatness, and His goodness all over again!