NOTE: I wrote this last night when I got home.  The title is simply a reflection of the fact that I never want to forget how I saw God’s hand at work in this situation.  But I also never want to forget what I learned:

I got into an accident tonight.  I missed my normal exit and was forced to take a different one.  But at that one, everyone suddenly slammed on their brakes and the next thing I knew, poor Frankie’s face had been smashed into the back of a Jimmy…  But here’s what went right tonight:

1) The guy I hit was amazingly understanding and even kind.

2) His 4-year-old son, once he stopped being scared, made us laugh by how insistent he was that he get to say hi to the trooper who showed up.  In other words, no one was hurt!

3) The guy I hit recommended a body shop near my house and after I got there, I was told that the shop is one of the partner shops of my insurance company.

4) Someone didn’t show up at the shop today to pick up the car they were going to borrow, so the guy at the shop gave it to me.  In other words, I can still get to work tomorrow.

5) I was reminded that I have really good friends up here and that I’m not as alone as I often feel I am. (Thank you, Tiff, Riley, Kari, Lindsey, Shannon & Karen!!)

6) I got to talk to my brother, sister-in-law and nieces for the first time in months because I had to call to tell them I was ok after my mom called them to tell them I’d been in an accident. 

7) The guy who answered the phone when I called my insurance company was incredibly kind, compassionate and reassuring.

God is amazingly good.  He is faithful.  He has been all along. 


I have no reason to think that He won’t continue to take care of me.  I have no reason to think that He won’t provide the money I need for my deductable.  I have no reason to think that this is too big for Him or too far out of His control.  He knew this was going to happen and I am at peace in Him.  To God be the glory!

UPDATE: Tonight, a friend called to tell me that he and his wife are paying my deductable, no arguments.  Over and over again over the last 2 years, God has told me that He will provide and that He is faithful.  I think I finally believe Him 😉