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At its heart, the plan of salvation is really quite simple: I am a sinner and I am separated from God.  God, in His great love, sent Jesus to earth to live a sinless life and to take the punishment for my sin.  He died and then God brought Him back to life.  Because Jesus was brought back to life, He conquered not only sin, but death.  If I believe all of this, and accept Jesus’ death and resurrection as payment for my sin, I will live forever in Heaven with God.

Simple, right?  If you’re anything like me, you’ve been hearing this for most of your life, you’ve probably prayed some version of the “Sinners Prayer” and in your mind, you’re all set.  And if you’re anything like me, you went to church yesterday, and you took Communion.  You remembered Jesus’ death and you thanked Him for saving you and taking care of your sins.  You thanked Him for the gift of eternal life, and then you went on with the rest of the service like you do every Sunday.

Our salvation through Christ ensures that we will live and reign forever with Him.  Our salvation gives us a future and a hope.  Our salvation gives us a Someday.

But as I sat in church yesterday with a little piece of Matzah in the palm of my hand and a sip of juice in a tiny plastic cup, I was reminded of this truth: My salvation gives me more than a Someday.  My salvation gives me a Today.  Today, because Jesus’ blood paid for my sin and removed the separation, I can rely on God for every moment.  Today, I can trust that He loves me and knows my every need. 

Today, because God sent His only Son to die for my sins and come back to life, I have a personal, intimate relationship with the God of the universe who hears every prayer I pray and who guides and ordains every moment of my life.  Because Jesus died for me, I have Today. 

Someday seems so far away, and in fact, the idea of “forever” hurts my brain, so I tend not to think about it much.  If I’m really honest, most of the time, I’m just not that excited about Heaven.  It’s such an abstract concept and I know so little about it, so I have a hard time giving it a lot of thought.  On the other hand, I think about Today an awful lot. 

But the same Savior who gives us Someday gives us Today.   The same plan of salvation that seals our future, carries us through every moment of every day until we get to our Someday.  And for that I am eternally grateful!

How often do you think about Heaven?  What does your salvation make possible for you today?