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I apologize for going MIA for a little while there.  I have “good” reasons.  To be honest, everything I’ve thought to write about the last couple of weeks just felt so hypocritical.  I’m having a hard time with some things and I couldn’t bring myself to write an encouraging blog post when I was so discouraged.  I’m getting better.   The Truth is starting to penetrate my heart again and I’ll be writing about that more next week.  But my heart is still a little raw and sore, so I’m going to give it a few more days.

In the meantime, I can offer a different kind of encouragement:  As you sit in your office or in your solid, four-walled-with-a-real-roof house, you have the power to save a life today.  Check out this post from Jon Acuff at Stuff Christians Like (a.k.a. the blog that has forever ruined my ability to sit in church and not laugh).  Through his readers, God did some amazing things last year and He’s at it again. 


So here’s my encouragement to you: If you’ve ever been bitten by a mosqito and not gotten Malaria, you are blessed enough to help someone else.  Go do it!

See ya next week!