There’s an ice cream stand close to where I live.  On a given summer evening, one can always spot at least one girl who has the mistaken belief that she’s at the beach, rather than a place where families go for a frosty treat.  It’s sad really, that these girls feel the need to dress (or not dress, as the case may be) in such a way that draws attention.  What they probably don’t realize is that the attention they’re getting isn’t really the kind they want. 

When it comes to the issue of purity, I think we first need to talk about modesty.  Michael Hyatt raised 5 daughters and shared with his readers that he never had rules for them regarding modesty.  Instead, he had 4 “guidelines” for them to consider before leaving the house every day.  These guidelines allowed them to make their own decisions regarding wardrobe, but also gave them some things to think about while making the decisions. 

These are the guidelines he gave them: 

  1. If you have trouble getting into it or out of it, it is probably not modest.
  2. If you have to be careful when you sit down or bend over, it is probably not modest.
  3. If people look at any part of your body before looking at your face, it is probably not modest.
  4. If you can see your most private body parts or an outline of those parts under the fabric, it is probably not modest.

I love those because they fit in so well with what the Bible has to say about the issue of purity:

But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people.  ~ Ephesians 5:3 (emphasis added)

Not even a hint.  Not in the way we dress.  Not in the things we watch and read.  Not in the things we talk about.  Not even a hint. 

I think this verse applies nicely to the other areas we’ve been talking about for the last couple of weeks too.  If we’re going to set an example in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity, we need to keep a close eye on ourselves. 

And as soon as even a hint of sin creeps in, we need to repent – to turn and run as far away from it as possible – and we need to ask our Father in Heaven to deliver us from evil.  We are His mouth, His hands and feet, His ears and arms on earth. 

As we set an example, we need to think ahead and ask ourselves, “Will what I’m about to do or say reflect Christ to the world?”  And if the answer is no, don’t do it!  We have been given a lot of responsibility.  It is God and God alone who will enable us to fulfill it!  Praise be to God! 

How can you set an example in purity, especially for younger and newer believers?  Thinking back over our discussions that last two weeks, in which area of life can you most easily set an example?