Yesterday in the US, we celebrated our Independence Day – the day we decided we were no longer going to be subject to an abusive power.  But I celebrate my Independence Day on December 2.  That was the day I decided I was no longer going to be subject to the abusive power of sin and death.  On that day, I chose to find my freedom in Christ, my liberty in the cross.  From that day forward, I was:

  • Free from guilt.
  • Free to worship.
  • Free from shame.
  • Free to pray.
  • Free from sin.
  • Free to serve.
  • Free from death.
  • Free to live.

Because God loves us, he sent His Son to the world.  Jesus lived a sinless, guiltless, shameless life, free to worship, pray, love and serve His Father.  He died, taking on Him all of the evil of the world.  He shed His blood, offering up the only fully-acceptable sacrifice for sin, tearing apart the veil that separated us from God.  And he came back to life, destroying the power of death so that we can live without fear.  His death gave us life.  His resurrection gave us freedom.  And if that’s not a reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is!

When is your Independence Day?  Should it be today?