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It’s officially summer!!!!!  Join me as I revisit some of my favorite spots on earth.  They’re spots where I’ve felt the most relaxed and satisfied and after all, isn’t that what vacation is all about?

The very tip of St. Pete’s in Florida.  It’s on the Gulf of Mexico and no one seems to know about it… Just sun, sand, water, palm trees and a pelican or two.

How can you look at a sunset over water and not relax?  Especially if that sunset is over the Gulf of Mexico (pre-spill, of course).

As you can see from the sign, this is the Griffith Observatory in LA.  I saw Saturn’s rings for the first time from their telascope.  I could live there quite happily and just look at the sky for hours and hours on end.

This is the portico at the Getty Villa in Malibu, CA.  It overlooks the Pacific and when I got tired of living at Griffith, I would move here.

I’ve walked the Cliff Walk in Newport, RI four times.  Only one of those times did I think I might die.  (My mother feels the same way since it was 105F the day I took her there…oops.)  All the other times, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this view and the sound of waves and rocks.  Put this on the list of places to see before you die. Trust me.

What’s your favorite vacation spot?  What’s your dream vacation spot?