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Today’s post might be a little random, but I’ve had a lot of thoughts about a certain subject floating around in my head all week, so I thought I’d get them down on “paper” so we can all have a better look.  I’m not sure where this all started, but I’ve been hearing a lot about pride vs. humility lately.  Usually when I start to hear a certain subject come up multiple times in various settings, my ears perk up and eventually, I start examining my life to see where I need to change.  Then I start talking about it with other people on the off chance someone else is hearing the same things.  So here is a brief summary of what I’ve been hearing for your consideration:

  1. This first one is a summary of what a friend said at Bible study this week: “We can do pride by ourselves.  Only God can bring humility.”  It’s only when we submit to God and His will that we can stop relying on our own strength and our own resources to survive.  In contrast, when we do submit to God and admit that we are nothing without Him, we find that we have strength and resources that are more than we could ever need and instead of just surviving, we can live victoriously.  When we humble ourselves under God’s authority, we have the power to resist temptation, be a blessing to others, worship Him openly and truthfully and stand strong under trials.
  2. Number 2 is also from someone at Bible study: “An awareness of who we are, and an awareness of who God is leads to repentance.”  When we’re so caught up in ourselves, we think we can do no wrong.  When we think we can do no wrong, we don’t see our need for forgiveness.  When we don’t see our need for forgiveness, we separate ourselves from God because God is holy.  It’s only when we open our hearts fully to Him and let Him clean out everything that shouldn’t be there that our relationship with Him is healed.  And it’s only when that relationship is healed that we can receive His blessing and worship Him fully. (See point #1.)
  3. Finally, if we are humble, we are more able to trust God with His plans for our lives.  In our pride, we think we know what’s best for us.  In our pride, we fight and strive and wear ourselves out trying to get what we think we “deserve”.  (On a side note, I’m beginning to hate that word.  We use it way too much and I don’t think we really understand what it means…but that’s a post for another day, methinks.)  On the other hand, if we are willing to humble ourselves under God’s mighty hand, we can rest in the knowledge that He knows our hearts and He knows our futures.  We can trust that He will give us what is best for us and in the end, it will be better than anything we could ever imagine.  And as a bonus, we won’t be so tired all the time.

So those are my random thoughts on pride vs. humility.  I leave you with the question that ended our Bible study this week:

What can you change in your life that will reflect both humility and trust in God?  How would your prayer life be different if pride never snuck into your prayers?

P.S. Regarding the title: Is there any other animal on earth that “deserves” to be proud of itself? 😉