This weekend in the US, we celebrated Father’s Day.  It’s a day to honor our dads, spend time with them and maybe even spoil them a bit.  For my dad, it’s the day to pull out that teddy bear tie I gave him when I was seven.  Ah, the memories!

It occurs to me though, that in the midst of honoring my earthly father for everything he has done and been for me since the day I was born, yesterday would have been a good day to honor my Heavenly Father for those same things.  Yes, I worshipped Him and praised Him, but I didn’t make the Father’s Day connection.  So today, I want to intentionally take the time to honor our Father for who He is and what He has done.  Here are just a few of the things I’m thanking my Father for today:

  • Like my dad, God wants me to spend time with Him, and loves when I do.
  • Like my dad, God makes sure my needs are met.
  • Like my dad, God is quick to forgive me when I disappoint Him.
  • Like my dad, God gives me unexpected gifts.
  • Like my dad, God comforts me when I’m sad or scared or worried.
  • Like my dad, God loves me more than I will ever know… 

You may or may not have a great relationship with your dad.  He may be your hero, or he may be completely absent from your life.  Regardless of who your earthly father is (or isn’t), your Heavenly Father is everything you’ve ever needed and wanted in a father.  And just like our earthly fathers like to be honored and appreciated, our Father cherishes our praise and loves to hear our worship!

For what can you honor God today?  How has God shown Himself to be your perfect Father?