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I knew it would happen eventually.  I just didn’t expect it to be so soon.  But here I am with nothing to write about.  Sure, there are tons of thoughts and ideas flying around in my head, but getting them down on “paper” just isn’t happening. 

Life is like that sometimes.  We have the best of intentions, some great ideas, but when it comes time to put them into motion, we freeze up.  Sometimes it’s because we blank out.  Other times it’s because we have so many ideas that they crowd each other out.  And then there are the times when it’s just not the right time for our idea to come to fruition. 

The book of John talks about “the right time” in a couple of places.  In chapter 2 we see Jesus at a wedding in Cana.  His mother knows that He can do anything He wants to and urges Him to step in and intervene when a breach of etiquette occurs.  Jesus response is “It’s not time yet.”  (John 2:1-4)  But a few verses later, we see that He has given in and saved the host of the party some embarrassment. 

Later in Jesus’ ministry, He had become the object of the religious leaders’ hatred – so much that they were plotting to kill Him.  He’d specifically avoided Judea for that very reason, but when the Feast of Tabernacles rolled around, His brothers urged Him to go to Judea for the celebration.  Once again, Jesus’ response was “It’s not time yet.” (John 7:1-8)

Our God is not bound by our timelines.  That great idea you have may indeed be a great idea, but perhaps it’s not time yet.  We can get so anxious about wanting to see things happen – a new job, a new ministry, a new house, a new baby.  Our excitement can easily turn into impatience, often with God.  We begin to complain to Him about how long things are taking.  We argue with Him about how many people could have been blessed by our new ministry if He’d just let us do what we wanted when we wanted. 

If you’re waiting for something to happen, if you’re waiting for your idea to be launched, I encourage you to slow down, be patient, be willing to wait.  It may be that you’re not as ready as you think you are to take on new responsibility.  It may be that other people aren’t ready for what you’re going to be offering.  It may be that God has something else for you to do first.  Whatever it is, trust God with it.  Don’t force it.  Bring your heart of anxiety to Him; tell Him about your impatience.  Give the control back to Him because only He will know when “it’s time now”.

What are you waiting for?  How have you seen God’s timing work out perfectly in the past?