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There are times when I wish God would just send me a post card.  Other times, I’m pretty sure He has.  I think I’m in that second category right now.  The only problem is, the post card is written in invisible ink and I’m still looking for the correct revealing substance.  I do know this though, I’m pretty sure there’s something I’m supposed to be learning from the Old Testament.  How do I know?  Well, let me tell you…

About a month and a half ago, my small group started a new study on the book of Ruth.  That same week, my pastor started a sermon series on the life of Samuel.  If you’ve read either of those books, you know that Ruth starts by telling the reader that its events takes place when Israel was ruled by judges (Ruth 1:1).  Samuel, it turns out, was born…wait for it…when Israel was ruled by judges.  In fact, Samuel ends up being Israel’s last good judge.  (His sons’ corruption is one of the factors in leading Israel to ask Samuel to anoint a king for them (1 Samuel 8:1-5).

Since I stared both of these studies (between which there has been an incredible amount of overlap), I’ve been doing other reading and watching messages from other churches on-line.  And you know what keeps coming up?  Samuel and the judges.  So while I’m not sure what’s in these books that God wants me to learn yet, I do know this – with God, there are no coincidences and believe me, I’ll be scouring Judges, Ruth and 1 & 2 Samuel until I find out what He’s trying to tell me! 

Are you getting a post card from God right now?  What are you learning in your study of His Word right now?