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I have always had a great love for the sky.  I’m fascinated by clouds – I could lay in a field on a summer afternoon and watch them float by for hours.  For me, there’s no better way to end a hot, humid summer day than with an approaching thunderstorm.  A deep orange and purple sunset never fails to bring tears to my eyes.  Every clear evening in the summer, I sit out on the deck and stare up at the night sky looking for satellites and shooting stars.  I’ve been known to pull over on a dark road, open the sunroof and just look up at the layers and layers of stars, allowing my eyes to adjust so I can see more of them.  One of my favorite places on earth is somewhere I’ve only been once, but I crave being there the way my mom craves being at Cape May because it’s the place where I got to see Saturn’s rings for the first time.  I remember nights my dad and I would take his telescope out into the back yard to look at Mars, Venus and the moon (I think I get my love of the sky and weather from him).

There’s a song I anticipate singing a lot this summer* that so perfectly ties my love for all things celestial with my love for Jesus:

What sets your soul free to worship?  What’s your favorite part of God’s creation?

* If you’re in Western Mass/CT, stop by Bethlehem Baptist Church in Hampden, MA at 7PM on June 6th for the kick off of another fantastic summer of The Awakening.  If you’re not in the area, please pray that God would be glorified and that He would bring revival to New England!