Ever have one of those days when everything explodes?  I’m not talking about when something tragic happens.  I’m just talking about a day that has so much going on in it that you wish you could borrow a couple of hours you didn’t use earlier in the week and add them to today.  That was yesterday for me.  And today’s not looking much calmer (even if it will be better organized).

We’ve been talking this week about dreams and plans for the future, and yesterday was a perfect example for me, albeit on a much smaller scale.  I had things I needed to do yesterday and I had things I wanted to do yesterday and two phone calls blew all of that away.  It ended up being a good, productive day, but it wasn’t the day I had planned.

And before I even got out of bed, God already knew what my day had in store for me. 

And before you even got out of bed, God already knew what your day had in store for you.

Take comfort today in the fact that no matter what happens today, planned or unplanned, God already knows about it and He already knows everything you will need to get through today victoriously.  He will give you strength, patience, compassion, endurance, comfort, peace, courage and a sense of humor.  All you have to do is ask for it.

What do you need most from God today?